Today my wife and I had a really nice day. It was the kind of day that makes you question why you’d ever want to throw a kid or two into the equation. We slept in relatively late. Then we went out for breakfast and didn’t get home until about eight o’clock in the evening.

We decided to shop for part of the day and basically pretend to be tourists for the rest of it. There are all kinds of wonderful sites around us. And even after living here for many years, we don’t have pictures with a lot of them. So we grabbed an empty backpack, a digital camera and went on our way. We had a blast.

A couple times, we commented to each other that this or that must be much easier without children. Eating in a restaurant? Much easier if you’re not trying to convince an unruly child to stay in his high chair and eat actually eat his food (even though he doesn’t actually want to eat for another fifteen minutes) like the grandparents at an adjacent table were doing. Sometimes you want to walk by a park with a fountain without stopping to wait while your child dives into it.  It’s wonderful to walk down the street or ride on a bus without having to apologize to anyone for the racket. We went to a special exhibit at a local museum today and literally read every single word on the plaques by the artifacts. That’s not happening when we’re towing a two-year-old. . . or a ten-year-old. . . or an eighteen-year-old.

So. . . today was a remarkable day. And I wish I could say that it couldn’t have been any better. But having a kid or two to worry about and miss would have been nice. Going to a children’s museum with some spawn would almost certainly have been at least as fun as going to the serious museum exhibit that we did visit.

Here’s hoping that our Saturdays as carefree as this one are numbered. And here’s hoping this is my last blog post.