As if the early tinges of morning sickness weren’t enough, my wife came down with a particularly bad case of the flu a couple weeks ago. She started feeling sick about nine days ago and is just coming out of the woods now. She was working a double-shift when she started to feel a little scratching in her throat.

She came home thinking that she might be coming down with a little bit of a healed cold and that she was just exhausted from working such long hours. And maybe there was a little bit of early pregnancy sickness thrown in there as well. She had two days off during which she’d be able to take it easy and recover. No dice. It quickly became apparent that this was something much more serious and that there’d be no day-off galavanting. No running errands. No hanging out with friends. Just hours and hours of sleep followed by hours and hours of sitting on the couch and staring into the abyss.

And what makes it even better is that pregnant women aren’t really supposed to take most medications. There are some that have been deemed safe and tons that are not recommended since their effects have never been studied in humans (good luck getting funding for that we-want-to-see-how-many-Sudafed-babies-are-born-with-defects study). Ironically, one of the few medical interventions recommended for pregnant women is the flu shot. Well, it’s only been out for a couple weeks and my wife’s work hadn’t scheduled to give it to employees for another month or so.

And then by the time that we decided that it was probably the flu, it was too late for me to go get a shot.

So my wife missed work for an entire week. Now she’s coming out of the woods and trying to sort out which symptoms she can expect to linger through her first trimester and which ones were related to the flu. I’m pressing on through a bizarre haze of congestion, sore throats, hacking coughs and all the Sudafed my liver can take.

Hopefully this is the last sickness her body has to handle while it also attempts to grow a human being.